SEPTEMBER 13, 2019 - Thank you to True North Aid and Ontario Provincial Police for your generous support to Bimose Tribal Council. Today Gaagagekiizhik GaKinoo’amaawadiiwi’gamig Gakinoo’amaawasowin School, received 37 bicycles with helmets from True North Aid. The bikes came in various models and sizes from small child to youth for all ages to use and enjoy. These bicycles will provide an opportunity for growth, learning and well-being for the students.

Bimose Tribal Council would like to express our appreciation to Kenneth Smid and Kim Sigurdson – True North Aid and Adam Illman – Ontario Provincial Police for your support and personal commitment along with our staff who donated their time and expertise in putting the bikes together.

This partnership will benefit our students by supporting them in a healthy lifestyle while having fun.

Andy Illman and Kiizhik student making arrangements on who will test the first bike.

Speed Builder Kelley Morrell began working on larger bikes when the smaller ones became too easy.

Kiizhik Student preparing for the first ride
- Safety comes First -

Officer Illman talking strategy on bike building with Education Director.

Taking a spin around the gym.
...Student approves this bike for other students.

Darcy Wickham, Principal of Bimose Community High School completed his second bike!

Kelley Morrell, Cynthia Jourdain, Barbara Katic, Adam Illman, Wendy McPherson and Darcy Wickham

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