Phrase of the Week

In efforts to support Anishinaabemowin in our schools - We have launched a new program to be practiced throughout our classes and daily life here in GaagageKiizhik and Bimose Community High School.  It is our hope that by implementing the Phrase of the Week within our school will help all our students and staff come together as one when communicating.

Jan 27

Mino giizhigannishig
(you all have a good day)

To change it to wishing one person a good day, you would change the end from "shig" to "shin".

Feb 3

Ga-go-chiish na o-gii waa-ba-daan emi-zi-naa-ta-shing?
(Did the groundhog see his shadow?)

Feb 10

Saa-gi-'iwe Gii-zhi-gan
(Valentines Day)

Feb 16

Zha-we-ni-maag di-na-we-maa-go-nag
(I love my relatives)

Feb 24

Aan-de-go Gii-zis Maa-ji-se
(Crow moon is starting)

Mar 1

Ga-bi-zi-dam We-we-ni
(I will listen carefully)

Mar 9

Mi-ze-we-yaap-ki-zi  Di-bi-ki-gii-zis
(Full Moon)

Mar 16

We-we-ni  Ki-na-we-di-zog
(Take Care of Yourselves)

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